The future of money, by Cesar Harada.

Nov 13, 2009

Can we add social value to our currency? by

MoneyTalks proposes a common interface for individual expression by letting personal information parasite on money coins.

Thousands of small stories will float within the European union, hereby connecting its citizens.

If a percentage of our money coins would have the ability to hold data (text, music, film, ...).
Coins would become memory sticks and wallets would become fleamarkets of uploaded experiences.

Money would achieve human value. It would achieve social relevance and become an object of the people. As a public interface it would become a tool for improving social understanding.

Information would travel on a global interface but communicate on a personal level, making no distinction between race or age. Rather than representing a country, it would now represent individuals.

If applied to the Euro coin, the Euro would obtain the ability to connect it’s citizens, enable them to spread, collect or react on individual messages and stories from ‘fellow Europeans’.

Munich - 2003, via Vahakn Matossian

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